Stack Rankings and Scoreboards – Where Do You Stand?

Here is my response to a question on that I subscribe to. Check out everyone’s answers!

What a great discussion you have started! I’m going to share a story of a sales manager I worked for. The organization as a whole would measure everything and those statistics were available to salespeople and managers. At some point in each week, my manager would IM (instant message) one of these statistics to each member of the team – no explanation, no judgment, just what it was and the number.

Some examples might be:

  • Last week’s opportunities – 12
  • You need $235,125 to make president’s club
  • 26% of goal

The reaction of different members of the team was a sociological study all its own. Remembering that we would all receive them around the same time – up and down the floor you would hear “woo hoo”, or groans, or expletives, and sometimes silence.

Not really a stack racking I know (we certainly had that as well). I think that it gave verbalization to what people feel when they see themselves on a scoreboard – but don’t want anyone to know.

Personally, I knew my numbers so I clicked off the IM and kept selling. I also don’t judge my performance in relationship to how well others are doing – rather against my expectations of myself – so I am fairly ambivalent to the whole idea of stack ranking. For me being #1 in the company isn’t as important as being the best I can be, today and every day.

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