Year End – UpYourTeleSales Tip

Well here we are, a time that many salespeople dread – the holidays and end of fiscal year. Time and time again I hear “no one is around”, “my customer’s don’t have any money”, “it is my slow time”, you’ve heard it too… maybe even said it!

Don’t get me wrong, you will run into people taking time off as well as those who have used up all their budget money.

Yesterday I talked to a customer who is working today – Thanksgiving – because it is the only time he can pull down production…. Hey I’m working too how did that happen?

If you’re looking for a strategy, here is a tag team approach that has worked for a President’s Club salesperson I know, he sends a version of the following email out to EVERY CONTACT he has at ALL HIS BUYING ACCOUNTS.

PART 1 = email

Subject: their company name & your company name


With the end of the year fast approaching I wanted to check to see if you may need equipment for projects delivered prior to the end of the year. We know how hectic this time of the year can be for insert their company name here and have re-stocked our inventory of insert your products here. We are prepared to meet insert their company name here’s end of year delivery requirements.

If we may be of help to you in any way just give me a call/email.

Below I included additional product info and website links. Please call/email for pricing. All prices shown are standard and do not reflect insert their company name here’s discount.

List relevant web links


PART 2 = follow up phone calls.

In the call he focuses on THEIR needs, THEIR challenges, THEIR… THEIR… THEIR everything. He doesn’t talk about himself or what he wants at all. Rather says things like

  • Lots of my customer’s are frustrated at the extra time projects take at the end of the year, is that true for you as well?
  • Are you at the point where the money has dried up?
  • Someone else told me there are times they get money thrown at them to use up the budget – so they have a wish list created. Should we be working on one for you?

Again he says “…let ‘em know must be two stages…Email first then ….follow-up call within 1-2days at the most.”

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