Book Club: Chapter 1

I just started reading a new book with my sales success book club,

Debbie Mrazek’s The Field Guide To Sales.

My book club meets every two weeks – we read a chapter, play with the concepts ourselves, come together and discuss, then make a commitment on what we are going to do over the next two weeks (no not to read the next chapter)… what ACTION we will take in our business on what we learned. The next time we meet, we start with result sharing.

The new concept that Debbie introduced me to is what she calls forecasting – today I call it guestimating (because that is what I’m doing – it is the first chapter after all) my piece of their business for the next 12 months BY MONTH. Whew.

She even talks about not being overwhelmed and starting with your top customers then working through everyone else down to your prospects then suspects! I’ve got a spreadsheet set up for myself with formulas and everything. Company names are in the spreadsheet… I have the 1st 11 months sales totals noted for myself on customers, the business opportunities I already know about. Now for the work!

Here is the great telesales tip – this is a great conversation to have with people who tell you “I’ve got nothing going on” or “the holiday’s are my slow time” or “I don’t have any money”. How?

  • That’s GREAT, now would be the perfect time for us to talk about what your 2009 plans are so we can be ready to move when you DO have lots going on!


Safety tip: because you have now brought the person way into the future – bring them back to the present before you close the call by saying…. Now that we’ve talked about what we will be doing in 2009, is there anything I should be doing for you today?



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