conversation vs. interrogation

Who wants to feel like they are in a dark, empty room. Sitting in the room’s single wooden chair as a BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT shines on them and a person they can’t see fires questions at them one after the other?

Not me – that’s for sure! Yet time after time, that is what salespeople sound like on the phone as they try to get out every question they ever learned in training before being hung up on (and no wonder people hang up)!

Instead, help your prospects and customers feel like they are sinking back into a comfy couch with a nice cup of coffee (tea, chocolate, diet coke, what ever) having a relaxed conversation with a friend.

  1. When they answer the phone, say “hello” (or your version of it) NOT “yes”. Salespeople are the only people in the world who say “yes” when the phone is answered… strike one.
  2. Greet them and PAUSE- you don’t launch into your pitch to go out on Friday night to your friends, you pause so they have time to recognize your voice.
    safety tip: if they aren’t going to recognize you – after a moment let them off the hook “don’t worry, you don’t know me” (again, make that your own). My experience shows they will either laugh or sigh with relief.
  3. TWO sentences on why you’re calling, then a question. (ssshhhhhhhh – let them answer, we’re on the phone so put yourself on mute!!!!) Get the dialog going back & forth.

Now you will be on your conversational journey.



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