Month End Blues

Here we are at the end of another month…

A time when telesales people are either

  1. ELATED  – over their quota, over their personal sales goal, mentally spending their commission checkor
  2. depressed – they can’t even see quota from where they are

Either way we pile on the organizational stress factors – sales managers pushing for every last dollar – product managers trying to get to goal themselves by making up specials – you know the drill.

Plus our customers… yup they know it is the end of the month and they are looking to see if you will “give them a deal, if I can get you in that car today”.

safety tip: before you keep reading, remember I am NOT saying to stop calling. I am NOT saying don’t close a deal.

My advice?

  • Don’t try to quick close any of your deals. If you know that the order is yours, allow it to happen in the CUSTOMER’s timeframe vs. pushing for your own and making it about the selfish salesperson.
  • Do offer something special to a customer to expand the product sets you currently sell them. If your company has 3 or 3,000 products or services – there are lots of customers out there who buy X but not Y from you. Month end is a great time to have them try something new.
  • Don’t think about it being the end of the month. I know, I know easier written than done. Here is the truth – if you feel desperate, you’ll sound desperate. People don’t buy from someone who isn’t confident in themselves.
  • Do spend some time cold calling to get back into the game. Ultimately this is one week in a long career. Spending time filling your funnel will help ensure that you have less depression and more ELATION.
  • Don’t rest on your laurels, when you’re having FANTASTIC financial success. It is tough to get your head back in the game to keep building up your funnel. It is tough not to wait until next week to make that important call.
  • Do use your ELATION to bring enthusiasm and energy into your next sales call. It is the opposite of sounding desperate – people want to talk to salespeople who sound excited, enthusiastic, and successful.

So what are you going to do for the next couple of days, along with every month end week for the rest of your telesales career, to make sure you don’t drop your value to quick close a deal? Register, log in, and let us know.

Where do your talents take you?

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I’ve been thinking a lot about talent lately.

  • It may have something to do with the course I just taught where all the participants utilized the StrengthFinder 2.0 assessment tool to find out where their talents are.
  • Perhaps it is the reinforcement I found to the same concept in a small paragraph on pg 53 of Debbie Mrzek’s The Field Guide To Sales.
  • Also,  I have been working on ensuring that everything I do comes back to my talent themes in my own life and work.

 Ok it has everything to do with these things.


I’ve decided I want to live a life where I wake up in the morning excited to do whatever it is the day brings in work and outside of it. That doesn’t mean there aren’t tasks and activities I’ll stop doing because “I don’t feel like it”. It doesn’t mean I will accept “incompetence” in myself – rather I will either bring myself up to the required base line of competence OR figure out another way to get to the end result (like the whole website thing… I’m never going to be great at creating either a design or the functionality I want. Instead of sitting here kicking myself – I’m hiring two fantastic women to do it for me: one for the graphics and the other for the functionality).


As I read that last paragraph it sounds all Zen and mystic. It’s not very real world tips & tricks that I typically put in my posts. Can’t have that!


This week I am going to challenge you (and myself) to STOP doing something inefficient or ineffective. It may be a process, a prospect, a task – don’t do it for ONE WHOLE WEEK and see if anyone notices. Yup, that is it. One thing that isn’t working, stop doing it.


Good Luck! It is going to take more effort than you think to discard one thing. Don’t give up though, think how awesome it will feel after the week is over (like the sun coming out on a cold winter day – it may not be summer, but for one moment your mind is tricked into remembering being on the beach with your toes in the sand).


What are you going to stop doing? Register, log in, and let us know.


the Blame Game

Here we are on Monday morning and I’m going to make you think about blame, not too inspirational at the outset, but stick with me – promise I’ll pull it around!

On Friday we talked about the importance of proving your sales intuition is right. This is about what happens when we ignore the bad premonition side of intuition…

When your gut is telling you:

  • the prospect is going with their existing vendor
  • the deal is lost
  • you’re missing your goal (or can’t even see goal from where you are)

What do you do then? Ignore your sales intuition because you don’t’ like what it is telling you? I know there are times I have – inevitably I was right, my inside feelings were right *sigh*. Then what? You play te one game that is no fun to play – we put our token down and play…

the Blame Game

I should have…                I could have…                  I would have…

You should have…           You could have…              If you only would have…

They should have…         They could have…             If they would have…


Bottom line is that the reason the Blame Game is no fun to play – is that no one wins! Here is the best part of the bad premonition side of intuition

If we listen to our gut and ask the same questions I talked about Friday to prove our good sales intuition feeling are right to “them”… we can turn around our bad premonition and win the deal!

Even if we don’t win – we sure feel better about the lessons we learn and many times can win the next one!

This week – work on not using “should”, “could”, or “would” and see what happens! Register, log in, and let us know what you gain.

Sales Intuition

Something inside me decided that Friday the 13th was the perfect day to talk about Sales Intuition – the feeling inside when you KNOW you are going to:

  • earn a customer for the 1st time.
  • win a deal
  • hit your goal

Don’t you love that feeling when everything went right and was working out just the way you planned? Lots of salespeople have that feeling, then move right past it.

Why? Well someone, somewhere told them their gut wasn’t enough (you know the sales manager who wanted the numbers to back up that feeling? I know that sales manager – it was me!).

Instead of ignoring your sales intuition start with it and move five giant steps forward in the process! You just passed go & collected your $200. Look at “them” and remember they are trying to help you win the game, which earns you much more than that passing go token amount.

Take your gut and put it into the formula your organization needs. Why? That is what is going to tell you when the commission will come in! Think of it from the customer’s perspective:

  • when do they need the product/service to complete THEIR objectives on time?
  • what is the process from when they decide what to do (and who to do it with) to placing an order with the vendor?
  • how do they actually decide on a solution?
  • how about deciding on a vendor?
  • is the project funded? how does money get allocated in their organization?

now for the one that makes most salespeople – the most uncomfortable

  • why would they trust YOU with their business/project/order?

Look at all that “stuff” as confirming to yourself that your gut is right!

Monday we will talk about the other side of the gut feeling……

Great Questions!

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Great Question from Ann-Lynn “Is there anything we missed that you wished we had gotten to on the call” at the end of product manager/tech support calls.


One of my favorites is “Is there anything else I can do for you today?


What is your favorite question to end a call?


Have You Branded…. Yourself?


As I have been working on my UpYourTeleSales identity, it seems that I keep seeing examples (positive & negative) of branding in my life. You know, like when you buy a new car and then start seeing them all over the road (which is better than my recent experience… you know when you buy a car in the summer and then because of the recession keep seeing commercials advertising it for $5,000 less than what you paid)?

Today’s example is a woman I know who truely is The Sales Diva.

  • Who is her target market (don’t peak)?
  • Do you think people remember her?
  • Will prospects & customers know what they are going to get, even before they meet her?

You bet your sweet… never mind… YES.

How do I know? Well this morning I was looking at an article and saw EcoStiletto, yup ecologically friendly “reduce your carbon foot print” shoes.

What did I do? Emailed Kim of course! Not only because she loves shoes, but to share with her that her branding works. How? Well I saw Stiletto and immediately thought of her and the High Speed Stiletto Sales Camp she puts on for her clients (because who wants to wear boots and get all sweaty).

What do you do to make sure your customers have a consistent AND memorable experience on the phone? What is YOUR brand?

Let us know, register & post a comment.

Chapter 3: Action Items

A few of us met to talk about chapter 3 and our action items. Here they are:

  • We talked about the questions to answer about your prospective customers on pages 49 & 50. When we realized that some of the questions needed to be “translated” into our world to make more business sense. I’ve taken on the action of doing this translation for 10 of the question.
  • On page 53 Debbie talks about identifying “your top five strengths as a salesperson.” A couple of book club members are going to figure out their strengths over the next couple of weeks.

As with any book club and bad winter weather, a few people weren’t able to make the meeting (with one participant admitting she hadn’t read the chapter). Well that is how it goes – I’m still finding ideas expressed in new ways, action items I had forgotten, or concepts I’ve never learned, – and will not only continue but continue taking action each week.

How about you, what are you learning?