Chapter 3: Action Items

A few of us met to talk about chapter 3 and our action items. Here they are:

  • We talked about the questions to answer about your prospective customers on pages 49 & 50. When we realized that some of the questions needed to be “translated” into our world to make more business sense. I’ve taken on the action of doing this translation for 10 of the question.
  • On page 53 Debbie talks about identifying “your top five strengths as a salesperson.” A couple of book club members are going to figure out their strengths over the next couple of weeks.

As with any book club and bad winter weather, a few people weren’t able to make the meeting (with one participant admitting she hadn’t read the chapter). Well that is how it goes – I’m still finding ideas expressed in new ways, action items I had forgotten, or concepts I’ve never learned, – and will not only continue but continue taking action each week.

How about you, what are you learning?


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