Have You Branded…. Yourself?


As I have been working on my UpYourTeleSales identity, it seems that I keep seeing examples (positive & negative) of branding in my life. You know, like when you buy a new car and then start seeing them all over the road (which is better than my recent experience… you know when you buy a car in the summer and then because of the recession keep seeing commercials advertising it for $5,000 less than what you paid)?

Today’s example is a woman I know who truely is The Sales Diva.

  • Who is her target market (don’t peak)?
  • Do you think people remember her?
  • Will prospects & customers know what they are going to get, even before they meet her?

You bet your sweet… never mind… YES.

How do I know? Well this morning I was looking at an article and saw EcoStiletto, yup ecologically friendly “reduce your carbon foot print” shoes.

What did I do? Emailed Kim of course! Not only because she loves shoes, but to share with her that her branding works. How? Well I saw Stiletto and immediately thought of her and the High Speed Stiletto Sales Camp she puts on for her clients (because who wants to wear boots and get all sweaty).

What do you do to make sure your customers have a consistent AND memorable experience on the phone? What is YOUR brand?

Let us know, register & post a comment.


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