Sales Intuition

Something inside me decided that Friday the 13th was the perfect day to talk about Sales Intuition – the feeling inside when you KNOW you are going to:

  • earn a customer for the 1st time.
  • win a deal
  • hit your goal

Don’t you love that feeling when everything went right and was working out just the way you planned? Lots of salespeople have that feeling, then move right past it.

Why? Well someone, somewhere told them their gut wasn’t enough (you know the sales manager who wanted the numbers to back up that feeling? I know that sales manager – it was me!).

Instead of ignoring your sales intuition start with it and move five giant steps forward in the process! You just passed go & collected your $200. Look at “them” and remember they are trying to help you win the game, which earns you much more than that passing go token amount.

Take your gut and put it into the formula your organization needs. Why? That is what is going to tell you when the commission will come in! Think of it from the customer’s perspective:

  • when do they need the product/service to complete THEIR objectives on time?
  • what is the process from when they decide what to do (and who to do it with) to placing an order with the vendor?
  • how do they actually decide on a solution?
  • how about deciding on a vendor?
  • is the project funded? how does money get allocated in their organization?

now for the one that makes most salespeople – the most uncomfortable

  • why would they trust YOU with their business/project/order?

Look at all that “stuff” as confirming to yourself that your gut is right!

Monday we will talk about the other side of the gut feeling……


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