the Blame Game

Here we are on Monday morning and I’m going to make you think about blame, not too inspirational at the outset, but stick with me – promise I’ll pull it around!

On Friday we talked about the importance of proving your sales intuition is right. This is about what happens when we ignore the bad premonition side of intuition…

When your gut is telling you:

  • the prospect is going with their existing vendor
  • the deal is lost
  • you’re missing your goal (or can’t even see goal from where you are)

What do you do then? Ignore your sales intuition because you don’t’ like what it is telling you? I know there are times I have – inevitably I was right, my inside feelings were right *sigh*. Then what? You play te one game that is no fun to play – we put our token down and play…

the Blame Game

I should have…                I could have…                  I would have…

You should have…           You could have…              If you only would have…

They should have…         They could have…             If they would have…


Bottom line is that the reason the Blame Game is no fun to play – is that no one wins! Here is the best part of the bad premonition side of intuition

If we listen to our gut and ask the same questions I talked about Friday to prove our good sales intuition feeling are right to “them”… we can turn around our bad premonition and win the deal!

Even if we don’t win – we sure feel better about the lessons we learn and many times can win the next one!

This week – work on not using “should”, “could”, or “would” and see what happens! Register, log in, and let us know what you gain.


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