Chapter 5: Action Items

Chapter 5 is all about choosing your traveling companions, building relationships, and moving forward together.

One of the book club members is new to the corporate world of sales, really new – less than a year in fact. She knows her connections are massive, more than 250 because of her “life before sales” what had not occurred to her is that these people know other people, who know other people, who might need what she does now. The action item she took on is to list her contacts/relationships/connections that are in her geographic territory – she is still figuring out what to do once she has them.

Someone else is talking to heart a quote on pg 81 “With every call, email or meeting, you are exhibiting your intention to further the relationship in some way.” This is now their #1 call objective and the bar that all other reasons are measured by…. “how will this conversation further our relationship?”

For me, there was a great reminder that it generally takes SEVEN interaction to make a sale. Now I am looking at what ways I can decrease the time it takes to have those 7 meaningful interactions with my prospects.

How about you, what are you doing to build your relationships? Register, log in, and let us know.

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