Deciding vs. Doing

The St Patrick’s Day quote I posted got me to thinking (dangerous I know), about how often we “decide” but never “do”.

  • I’m sitting here in my office looking at books I decided I wanted to learn from – but never got around to reading.
  • How about the seminar you paid for, attended, and didn’t follow through on any of the  new ideas presented.
  • What about the cloths that are in the closet or drawer with the tags still on.

It is interesting to me because I always say “just because it’s simple, doesn’t make it easy”. Let’s face it sales isn’t rocket science. The concepts and behaviors are truly simple. Yet the doing, many times, is difficult.

If we look at ourselves there are always things we “wish” or other people say we “should” do (and anyone who has worked with me has heard – should is a dirty word). Instead today only look at what you want or need or desire to take action on.

Regardless of your political leanings, I love the visual of “shovelready projects”. So what do you have lined up that you’ve decided, you’ve planned, now all that is left is the doing. Dig in today!

Don’t be left one of the frogs on my St Patrick’s Day quote log. Hold yourself accountable by letting us know what action you are going to take. Register, log in, and post.

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