Chapter 4: Results

Chapter 4 is all about expectations, the salesperson’s… the customer’s… managers… company… coworkers. I invited you along on our journey through the Field Guide to Sales, so your expectation is I’ll keep up on posting.

That said – I just realized I never posted the book club’s action items W E E K S ago, instead I’ll post the results that came from them.

Of the 6 people in the book club – 1/2 are expecting in a whole different way! Congratulations to Mindy on the birth of her 1st daughter Cara over the weekend, everyone is doing well. The other two expectant mothers are still just that – expecting.

A couple of the book club’s participants decided to ask prospects & customers “What are your Top 3 Priorities?” The results were astounding.  Instead of hearing:

  • nothing planned
  • keeping busy
  • everything is on hold

They started learning what their prospects & customers were expected to do by their companies. Learning what was important, what had changed, and things that would be coming up after the Top 3 were done.

One of our expectant mothers took it to an even higher level and asked prospects & customers “what do you expect of me for the next 3 months while I am here… and of the person covering for me while I’m out?” She is finding out fantastic information because of the sense of urgency created – tough to put someone off about a conversation that they might not be around for later.