Inside Sales Behavior Pyramid

When I first started in sales, there was a huge push on behaviors. We tracked  everything – dials, phone time, conversations, opportunities found, deals closed, revenue, margin, you name it we tracked it.

I was lucky, someone explained to me that the top 5 salespeople had a few of these behaviors in common. How many different people they spoke with each day AND how long they were on the phone.

Then it was explained that # of different people TRANSLATES TO # of potential business opportunities.

Plus phone time TRANSLATES TO relationship, solid qualification skills, etc.

Which is when I realized that some of the behaviors we track, are so newer people can see what needs to be done to reach the ultimate goal increasing your own paycheck. It was a behavior-pyramid.ppt where unfortunately many sales managers get caught up in the measurements not the outcome or result they are hoping to achieve by laying the pyramid’s foundation.

I agree with measuring and tracking behaviors – as long as each salesperson can articulate what they are trying to achieve by hitting that number.

My pyramid begins at the foundation of “dial the phone” since we are talking telesales here, if we don’t dial the phone nothing happens. But dials is not a result, it is only the first foundation piece for success.

Click in to check out the rest, then scroll down, register, log in, and let us know what you think about the metric used to track you.

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