Frustration Bingo – want to play?

Looking for a game that is great fun? frustration-bingo is a game I invented when having a horrible week as an inside salesperson. I decided, instead of getting upset about my current lack of progress, I would truly turn it into a game.

The attached BINGO board includes such favorites as:

  • find 3 fake decision makers
  • same customer ~ new order ~ another mistake (don’t worry you only need one to check off the square)
  • 5 people tell you “I’ve got nothing going on”

there are many many more! Click in to check out the rest.

Grab your cube mates, have everyone throw in $1 and the first person to shout BINGO wins all the money. Never have the non-successes of inside sales been so much fun!

After you play – come back: register, log in, and let us know what you think of playing

F R U S T R A T I O N   B I N G O


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