Need an Enthusiasm Injection?

Have you ever found yourself sitting at your computer, headset on, doing absolutely nothing? I have (recently) and it is no fun.

I have no idea how long I was there, just staring at the screen – I had even lost the ability to do what I like to call administrivia (the stuff that makes you look productive even if it is only one step above busy work).

For those of you who are inside salespeople in the Gray Cubes of Love (ie: call center or office environment), it is easier to get out of your funk – by asking other people to give us an enthusiasm injection.

What could that look like? I’m glad you asked!

  • ask your team for a challenge (need an example: 1st person to 5 solid business conversations wins – you pick a prize)
  • ask for a kick in the butt from your cube mates
  • get up & go for an errand walk (time limit… 15 minutes)
  • for that matter… go for a walk outside

If your an inside salesperson and working out of your home office, it is more difficult. The only person you have to rely on is – yup, yourself.

  • have 3 to 5 motivation sites to click on (again that time limit is important… 15 minutes)
  • cultivate a group of “go to” people you can email for that cube mate feel
  • get out of the house; walk around the block, take the dog out, grab your mail

It may be your metabolism, so grab a glass of water or a snack and see if that makes you feel better.

Sometimes one good call is all that is needed, pick up the phone and call a good customer – make it all about them and what is going on in their world, work to get them to laugh.

Scroll down, register, log in, and let us know your favorite enthusiasm injection tip.

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