Quick Tip – pick up the phone, don’t hit reply

Here is something I have been working on with salespeople since email became popular.

When you receive an email – don’t hit reply, pick up the phone!

My coach solidified it in my brain last night when she said “It is always easier to continue than change.”Here in the bright light of day, it hit me. That’s it, the reason we hit reply when we get an email from a prospect or customer – it is easy.

Most of the time we know it would be more profitable to call and have a conversation, but it is easy to hit reply and bang out something on the keyboard – continuing vs. changing the medium we are using to communicate.

It takes a long time to change habits, a lot of effort, and discomfort. I know it is possible to create a new habit – when ever you receive an email, pick up the phone and call.

Scroll down, register, log in, and let us know what happens when you try it.

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