Sales Super Heroes?

Jeb Blunt of Sales Gravey wrote an article for his eMagazine called “Salespeople are the new Super Heroes” – of course he went on to use the analogy to make his point, he is really good at what he does.

Of course my brain turned left somewhere and I started thinking of all the different super heroes there are out there. Which then took a right turn into a 1999 flash back to Mystery Men (a movie about ineffective superheros).

Where is my meandering brain taking you? How does this apply to inside sales? What am I talking about?

Well, here goes: there are multiple perspectives on how well we are doing as inside sales super heroes. The views might include, the one:

  1. in our own head (I think of myself as one of the Biker Mice from Mars personally)
  2. our prospects have when we call them (Stuper Duck? The Shoveler? or something more effective)
  3. customers who know us well (Wonder Woman or Superman perhaps?)
  4. buyers who don’t really know us but trusted us with a purchase (Robin instead of Batman?)
  5. the stuff our boss thinks (I shudder to think of what some of my ex-bosses would say…)
  6. people who like us in the office (they will hold your cape, unless you’re an Incredibles fan “No capes”)
  7. those who don’t like us in the office (envision a super villain perhaps)

Regardless of who’s perspective we are talking about, the trouble comes up for us inside sales super heroes when the picture in OUR head doesn’t match the one in THEIR head (who ever they might be).

It is critical that we take responsibility and make sure our intention (what super hero we see ourselves as) and the perception of the person we are communicating with (how the other person views us) MATCH.

So if I see myself as one of the Biker Mice from Mars and that is how I want other people to perceive me I need to make sure I present:

  • someone who thinks before she acts
  • is loyal
  • and brave
  • talks it out instead of fighting when possible
  • will fight if pushed

If that isn’t what they get when I’m communicating, I’m the only person to blame. So when you wake up tomorrow and get ready for work – who do you want to present? what inside sales super hero is going to show up at work?

Make sure the one inside your head, is the one other people get to meet.

Scroll down, register, log in, and let us know who your inside sales super hero is and how you make sure other people get to meet that persona.


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