Stuck in the Sales Process?

Julie Adams who writes a weekly blog about selling, asked an interesting question on LinkedIn: “How can we unstick sales that have gotten stuck?”

She has been speaking to a lot of businesses having this problem just now where the uncertainty in the market seems to be causing an unusually high amount of procrastination from buyers.

Here is my answer:

Right now I talk with my prospects about the two risks they are balancing:
1. the risks associated with doing nothing
2. the risks associated with doing something

That engages us in a conversation where we both leave understanding exactly what the risks are in their world.

Sometimes – I learn the risks of doing something are greater than those for doing nothing

Other times – they realize that doing nothing has more risk; that is when the process begins to move forward again (and sometimes quickly).

What do you do to get all that sticky goo off and move forward?  Scroll down, register, log in, and let us know.


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