Incorporating Social Media into the Sales Process

I have to begin with – oh how I wish I had all of the answers! OK so that is fairly true through out my life. When it comes to Incorporating Social Media into the Sales Process I believe I have more to learn that I know.

Here is the difference between UpYourTeleSales and an Ostrich (I wonder if they really do stick their head in the sand or that is just a myth – great, another thing to research), when I don’t know something – I decide what I want to do about it and take action.

#1 – Many times FEAR is “False Evidence Apearing Real” and I need to learn more and then I’ll have the true evidence and hopefully my fear doesn’t turn into tears (I had to write it because when Mike reads this post he would say it if I didn’t).

Here is my FEAR around Social Media: it will suck up time without result.

#2 What is the result I’m looking for anyway? For me I want to be considered a TOP TeleSales Expert, globally. That’s a good start – without being able to articulate where I’m going, how will I know I’ve arrived?

#3 How do I effectively manage it? For social media: Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, along with participating in relevant blogging communities (like SalesBlogcast)

#4 What DON’T I even know to ask that would make me more successful more quickly?

So what am I doing?

  • Gathering evidence to reduce the amount of fear I have. (Like Veribatim’s post on what NOT to do)
  • Working on having time each day and/or week that I devote to participating in online communities.
  • ONLY start participating in a way that is sustainable for me and my audience.
  • Volunteer to work with Lori Richardson of Score More Sales on, you guessed it, a project about Incorporating Social Media into the Sales Process.

The one thing I do know is that this is just the beginning of my exploration. I’ll keep you updated as I move through this journey.

Hey and if you have thoughts, ideas, or concerns you would like me to incorporate; scroll down, register, log in, and lets work together.

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