A Lost Sale is an Every Day Thing

OK – so most of us don’t lose a sale every single day – but it certainly is mundane…..     a boring event.

Seriously, the only lost deal is one that you can’t find one thing from the experience that moved you forward:

  • improving your skill level
  • with the customer
  •  in your career

Now I’m not saying that it is easy to lose, rather that having a significant emotional investment in the outcome of a business decision by a prospect or customer makes sales a scary career.

Recently I challenged a group of salespeople to track “what in this conversation moved me forward” for every business conversation they had in a 2 week period (regardless of the judgment they assigned – amazing, good, neutral, bad, or horrific – to the conversation).

I’m not going to give you all of their specifics – here are some of the revelations:

  • It makes me ask more questions while I’m in the conversation to find something that moved me forward by the end.
  • I dig deeper.
  • I find myself reading between the lines.
  • I think “who can I get involved”

Plus at the end of each day:

  • I leave with a clear conscious.
  • I’m sleeping better.
  • Ready to start again when I wake up the next day.
  • Feel that I’m investing in accomplishment.

Next time you lose a deal, play this game and see what you discover. Then come back; scroll down, register, log in, and share your experience.


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