Continuing is always easier than change

“Continuing is always easier than change” that is one of the things my coach and I talk about (a lot). In fact it is probably the number 1 reason I have a coach.

The sales habits we have created for ourselves didn’t happen overnight, some of them took years to create. Many of them we do without thinking at all. Of course changing the habits that no longer produce the results we want is difficult.

  • At some point, the behavior got us the result we were looking for
  • We are comfortable in the behavior even if we don’t like the result
  • It is scary to think that the change might be even worse than what we have now

Instead of focusing on the long term result, it helps to pick a way to make the act of doing the new “thing” what you track. Create a game out of it and reward yourself for the doing.

Like what? 

Trying to build relationships at the “C level”?

make phone calls to 10 each day this week.

reward = have coffee with a friend on Saturday

Need to have more contacts within each account?

today, before calling your contact, dial the main # AND ask for someone on “the team”

reward = ice cream at 3:00 if you do it every time

Make the joy in the change outweigh the difficulty of doing it. Look at the little steps instead of focusing on the long term result. Find a way to make it fun, you can even harness your competitive spirit and challenge someone on your team to a little contest so you have company.

What can you do today to make a change you want in your career?



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