Trust a Salesperson?

Last week I responded to a question Building Relationships: What Does That Mean? (I have to share I can’t wait for Doyle Slayton who asked the question, to come back with his perspective).

It has gotten me thinking a lot about trust & sales. Here are my TOP 5 ways to earn your prospects trust and keep your customer’s:

  1. do what you say you’re going to do (sounds simple, yet every little thing is included in this statement – if you say you’ll call back Tuesday at 2, that is as important as product delivery when you promise from a trust building perspective).
  2. listen to what they say, how they say it, and to what they aren’t saying (who are “they” – other people; suspects, prospects, customers, co-workers, etc)
  3. when bad things happen… and they will happen… be available and present to resolve it (to often salespeople are known for sticking their head in the sand an hoping it will go away).
  4. if you know a bad thing has happened BEFORE the customer – call them NOW, don’t wait to see if they notice (‘nuf said).
  5. if your solution isn’t a good fit to solve their problem, tell the prospect upfront. It is better to bail early and gain respect, than win and disappoint them forever.

I’m sure there are lots more tips you can think of, please share them by leaving a comment!


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