Step 1 of 3 for the Perfect Customer Profile

Figure out what information is important to your business.

Like what? Well, here are Lynn’s top 5, they may not help in YOUR business, it also isn’t an exhaustive list – rather it is to give you a starting point to create your own:

  • Buy what I sell
  • Need what makes me unique
  • There are multiple people to talk with about what I do (each of whom has a level of influence and/or authority when it comes to purchasing)
  • Have reoccurring money to spend
  • What I do can have an impact on the success of their business

Buy What I Sell: This is about the specific products that you are a salesperson for. 1st take the product itself, then start answering the question “what problem does this solve for the customer?” Think in terms of what your products help them GAIN or AVOID.

Need What Makes Me Unique: This is one most salespeople skip. Typically the things that make you unique, are the things that you do automagically and typically discount as unimportant. Instead of guessing – ask your customers why they buy from you and write it all down regardless of how inconsequentioal YOU think it is…. after all we care about the customer’s perception not our own.

Multiple Contacts: Here is a Lynn thing vs. universal thing. I prefer to be able to work with multiple people within each of my accounts. From a training perspective, VP of Sales, Sales Management, perhaps someone in Marketing, and the COO. I need to understand the value each person sees in sales training to ensure that I continue to earn their business.

Money To Spend: The first 3 points are about profile, this is all about potential. If there isn’t money, there is no sale.

Impact On Business Success: Now think about how what you do (product and uniqueness) will help your contacts be successful in their jobs. How about their department’s success – as viewed by the company they work for? Can you tie it up to the company overall?

Play with step one until you feel comfortable. Don’t wait too long, step 2 will come along next week.

Need help? Can’t figure it out on your own? Give a call or drop us a note!

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