Step 2 of 3 for the Perfect Customer Profile

Profile your top 5 or 10 customers.

What could be included in a customer profile you ask?

  • if you are selling to individuals vs. corporations: demographics will be important
  • if you are selling b2b: what does the company look like?(# employees, # of locations, structure, revenue, etc)
  • regardless of b2c or b2b – what is their purchasing process
  • how long does it take for them to make decisions
  • what approvals are needed
  • where do they get information on the products you sell (referrals, web research, etc)
  • how do they like to receive information
  • call and ask them why they buy from you (write it all down even if you think it is insignificant… see last weeks post on step 1)

Safety tip…. you probably know most of this info anyway, you just haven’t put it all together.

Think first and track your assumptions.

Research second to confirm or deny what you believe.

Hey Lynn – What if I’m new and don’t have top customers yet? I’m so glad you asked!

  • 1st – Talk with the top salesperson in your organization and see what they think is important.
  • 2nd – Ask your manager the same question.
  • 3rd – Put it all together and add in the sprinkles that make you unique.

Presto, the perfect starting point. Modify this profile as you earn your own top customers.

Play with step two until you feel comfortable. Don’t wait too long, step 3 will come along next week.

Need help? Can’t figure it out on your own? Give a call or drop us a note!


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