Step 3 of 3 for the Perfect Customer Profile

What are the common threads that run through your customers?

About You: What is important to them? Not what you think is important – ASK THEM what is important!

My experience is that most salespeople discount the things that are effortless to them as unimportant YET when I talk with their customers – those are the things that are most important.

Don’t take for granted that you know – ASK…. then ask again, because just like in life – priorities change.

About Them: When you look at who is buying from you, can you come up with a top 5 list of characteristics? Size, structure, industry, decision making, anything?

Many times I’ll hear salespeople say “Oh I can work with anyone”. That may be true – we are talking the PERFECT Customer Profile, not the any customer profile. So stop telling me it depends…. I already know.

How will you know when you find a Perfect Customer Prospect?

The next time you are making prospecting calls, listen for the clues that tell you you’re on the right trail vs. chasing your own tail.

  • Is it quiet in their office or lots of background noise?
  • Are they walking around talking to you on their cell between meetings or sitting still?
  • What is their default phone preference: speaker, handset, or headset?
  • Is there a time of day you catch them for a solid conversation?
  • What is their reaction to a cold call?
  • What does it sound like after they get to know you?
  • When you ask about process, is it someone else OR them?
  • Can you hear their level of confidence?

There are questions you need to ask yourself, look at your business and figure out what those questions are AND track the answers over the next week. This will start to solidify what you’re perfect customer sounds like when you reach them.
Need help? Can’t figure it out on your own? Give a call or drop us a note!


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