You’re There – Now For Unpacking

We’ve arrived. There is nothing left to do but unpack all your sales possessions and get to work. Remember that now is the time to make sure you don’t fall back into the habits that aren’t working for you anymore.

I know – the whole idea of unpacking is overwhelming in itself, especially if you didn’t think through the packing part (and you know who you are).

As you start to bring things out, double check that they are still useful.

  • Is that voicemail a little threadbare, is it time to update it?
  • Have you used that piece of exercise equipment to build your sales muscles lately?
  • Is that the technique you forgot you had, but use to look great in?

Boxes Once everything is out of the boxes and ready to be used. Sit back, take a deep breath and realize it was all worth it.

Time to start loving that new space and your outlook on the career you’ve created for yourself. Make sure you continue to take action every day moving you forward on your career. It doesn’t have to be a huge thing – one more call, a difficult question you add to your list, attacking the mess you made in an account, trying to prospect in a scary account that could make you lots of money. More than anything else – remember to have fun doing it.

Take Action = Step 2

Sometimes we as salespeople spend lots of time planning & revising & planning to revise. A great trainer I know Pete Morrissey called that

Getting Ready, To Get Ready

Now that you have planned where you want your career to go. You need to take the first step on the journey. Today I challenge you to do


Yes, you got it – one thing that will move you forward. It might be

  • having a difficult conversation with your boss or a customer.
  • asking a question that makes you uncomfortable
  • instead of rolling your eyes when it is time to call that difficult contact – decide to NEVER call them again AND close out all your notes
  • work on your resume
  • contact the local chamber of commerce to sponsor an event
  • join toastmasters to improve your public speaking skills

What is that ONE step you need to take?

Now for the hard part, when you wake up tomorrow (yes Saturday) do something else. Every single day do one thing that will move you forward in your career.

Just imagine where you will be this time next year!

Get moving.

Planning = The First Step

I know it sounds almost trite to say that planning is the first step to making any move.

Unfortunately, it seems there are salespeople everywhere who act first and think later. I can’t remember who said it (or what their exact words were even), but that’s what separates the amateurs from the professionals.

Before you make any career moves, please – please – please, I’m begging you here:

  • think about where you are going
  • look at where you are today
  • create your own road map

In training classes I will ask “if we get in the car and drive for an hour where will we end up?

Depending on where I’m teaching or where the students are I receive lots of different answers. To which I reply “the only thing we know is that we will be an hour away – maybe in the wrong direction.

Instead of working toward something you may not even want. Take the time to plan your next step – making sure it moves you toward your next goal.

Important Safety Tip

Ditch the things that aren’t working for you anymore!

We all have things that use to work and help us to reach our goals. They are called habits – I think they’re a good thing: it is what allows us to drive from home to work without too much thought.

Unfortunately, there are habits that we all have that are no longer serving their original purpose.

  • you’ve changed your goals but not your habits
  • your habits aren’t getting the results they use to
  • while you weren’t looking, some of your habits morphed into unrecognizable snippets of their former selves.

Since we are moving anyway – let’s not pack up any extra boxes that could just as well be left behind. Talk about baggage!

Have a great week and keep planning.

Not sure how Twitter could work for you?

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Not sure how Twitter could work for you?  Well here is a sample of it from this morning.

  •  I follow @MarketingVeep, she RT (re-tweeted) @GuyKawasaki 30 tweeting women entrepreneurs to follow
  • I trust her, it sounded interesting…. click
  • I RT it as well – plus thanked her (and got a note back)
  • Read the article and clicked to see @entreprediva, started following her because I liked her stuff
  • AND RT her RT of something by @dave_carpenter “ Are you crystal clear on what you DID accomplish in 2009? It is important to your success in 2010:
  • Started following HIM and am participating in his #2010Plan program
  • Which I was a twit and posted “just joined @dave_carpenter in his #2010Plan check out daily steps for having a fantastic 2010” on twitter


Now to follow through – each user of Twitter has a different idea and expectation of post content as well as frequency. This is truly a personal choice – so I’m not going to tell you my frequency criteria… rather that I need to feel their posts add something to my knowledge base or add I might not have known at all.


So the question you need to answer is – if I’m going to tweet… who is my target market and what do THEY want to know? along with how often do they want to hear from me?


ps: this doesn’t happen for me every day 🙂


How does moving relate to sales anyway?

Now that your attention is peaked, remember that moving has three parts:

  1. Plan
  2. Attack
  3. Unpack


  • Do you know where you’re moving too or is it more away from somewhere?
  • Do you have a picture of the perfect sales career in your head?
  • Do you know what you’re going to do when you arrive?

Once you’ve answered those questions, it is important to remember planning isn’t all about the where, how, or when.

The “what” is very important too.

For a successful career move look at what you currently do and determine if it is still helping you.

Why move something that you don’t want… need… or use anymore?

Check out A Chip off the Block’s Moving Along Edition for more.

Are you wearing a sales costume or being yourself?

One of the things that seems to have been missed in October, was posting a copy of A Chip off the Block’s Spooktacular Edition.

When starting in telesales my first sales manager made me do the most difficult thing in the world (at least that is what it felt like at the time). Here is how the exchange went;

Gregor, “Lynn, who is your best friend in the world that you talk with on the phone?”

Lynn, “Lisa”

Gregor, “for the next week, every time you dial the phone I want you to think about Lisa AND when someone answers, talk to them like it’s Lisa.”

I thought he was nuts, I hated every moment of the exercise.

Then as the week went on, it got easier –

Why wouldn’t it? I was having the best conversations, people were talking with me, I was finding opportunities, together we were moving forward in the sales process.

Now when I tell this story to new salespeople they look at me aghast – dreading I’ll suggest they do the same thing.

New or old, young or mature, where ever you are in sales – I absolutely suggest that for the rest of your career you talk with everyone as YOURSELF.

Otherwise you’ll be showing up in a sales costume that doesn’t quite fit. Hey Halloween is my favorite holiday BUT when you’re working with prospects and customers, put away the costume.  more