Are you wearing a sales costume or being yourself?

One of the things that seems to have been missed in October, was posting a copy of A Chip off the Block’s Spooktacular Edition.

When starting in telesales my first sales manager made me do the most difficult thing in the world (at least that is what it felt like at the time). Here is how the exchange went;

Gregor, “Lynn, who is your best friend in the world that you talk with on the phone?”

Lynn, “Lisa”

Gregor, “for the next week, every time you dial the phone I want you to think about Lisa AND when someone answers, talk to them like it’s Lisa.”

I thought he was nuts, I hated every moment of the exercise.

Then as the week went on, it got easier –

Why wouldn’t it? I was having the best conversations, people were talking with me, I was finding opportunities, together we were moving forward in the sales process.

Now when I tell this story to new salespeople they look at me aghast – dreading I’ll suggest they do the same thing.

New or old, young or mature, where ever you are in sales – I absolutely suggest that for the rest of your career you talk with everyone as YOURSELF.

Otherwise you’ll be showing up in a sales costume that doesn’t quite fit. Hey Halloween is my favorite holiday BUT when you’re working with prospects and customers, put away the costume.  more

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