Planning = The First Step

I know it sounds almost trite to say that planning is the first step to making any move.

Unfortunately, it seems there are salespeople everywhere who act first and think later. I can’t remember who said it (or what their exact words were even), but that’s what separates the amateurs from the professionals.

Before you make any career moves, please – please – please, I’m begging you here:

  • think about where you are going
  • look at where you are today
  • create your own road map

In training classes I will ask “if we get in the car and drive for an hour where will we end up?

Depending on where I’m teaching or where the students are I receive lots of different answers. To which I reply “the only thing we know is that we will be an hour away – maybe in the wrong direction.

Instead of working toward something you may not even want. Take the time to plan your next step – making sure it moves you toward your next goal.

Important Safety Tip

Ditch the things that aren’t working for you anymore!

We all have things that use to work and help us to reach our goals. They are called habits – I think they’re a good thing: it is what allows us to drive from home to work without too much thought.

Unfortunately, there are habits that we all have that are no longer serving their original purpose.

  • you’ve changed your goals but not your habits
  • your habits aren’t getting the results they use to
  • while you weren’t looking, some of your habits morphed into unrecognizable snippets of their former selves.

Since we are moving anyway – let’s not pack up any extra boxes that could just as well be left behind. Talk about baggage!

Have a great week and keep planning.

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