Take Action = Step 2

Sometimes we as salespeople spend lots of time planning & revising & planning to revise. A great trainer I know Pete Morrissey called that

Getting Ready, To Get Ready

Now that you have planned where you want your career to go. You need to take the first step on the journey. Today I challenge you to do


Yes, you got it – one thing that will move you forward. It might be

  • having a difficult conversation with your boss or a customer.
  • asking a question that makes you uncomfortable
  • instead of rolling your eyes when it is time to call that difficult contact – decide to NEVER call them again AND close out all your notes
  • work on your resume
  • contact the local chamber of commerce to sponsor an event
  • join toastmasters to improve your public speaking skills

What is that ONE step you need to take?

Now for the hard part, when you wake up tomorrow (yes Saturday) do something else. Every single day do one thing that will move you forward in your career.

Just imagine where you will be this time next year!

Get moving.

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