Sales = Competition?

Today’s Question: if sales is a competition…

  • who are you competing against?
  • what are the rules?
  • where do you end up?
  • when is the contest over?
  • why is it a competition?
  • how do you know if you won?

Yes I know those are questions not a question. So instead, let’s make it easy: Is sales a competition?

The answer to that question is a very personal one. It is one that no one can answer for you… you have to answer it for yourself.

Instead of sharing my answer to the question, I am hoping that you will start to explore what the question means in your career. Instead of rolling your eyes (you know who you are), take a step back for just a moment.

Competition isn’t about sports, sometimes it isn’t even about winning *gasp*, it may be about:

  • being part of a team
  • a sense of accomplishment
  • recognition
  • economic security
  • and yes sometimes it is all about winning

I love Lily Tomlin’s quote “The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.” When viewing sales as a competition – never forget what your Personal Values are, if you’re not completely sure what they are, try playing The Values Game to help figure it out.

Remember it is critical to end up where you want to be. If sales is a competition for you and you win, wouldn’t it be a disappointment to not even want to be there?


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