Ooops – I’m off the beaten path

Some times technology is my friend, at others I’m challenged – last week was a challenge! I was out of town presenting training on ballparking and chose “save” vs “publish” on the blog before I went.

Plus I just noticed that I never posted A Chip Off The Block’s Puzzled Edition on my website OR here.

Today is time to regroup and refocus; which means you will be getting a few posts this week instead of just one!

If you are feeling like your life, career, month… whatever,  is off track – take a moment to breath – figure out where your path diverged from the one moving you toward your goal.

  • Reevaluate the goal: before you change course, is the original goal still one you’re interested in?
  • What has your “off track” experience taught you? Plus how will those lessons enhance your ability to reach your goal?
  • Can you get there from here? Now map out the way to get from where you are to the path toward your goal. Remember that you don’t have to go BACK, you can figure out how to make it there while moving forward too.

Many of life’s detours are fun, but it may be time to take a side road back over to the trail moving you toward your goals. Have a great week!


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