Stuck in features instead of problem solving?

Whenever salespeople talk about features (what it is) and advantages (why it’s good) of their product they are forgetting that the prospect ONLY cares about what it does for THEM.

Unfortunately most product training only gives us features and advantages – oh sure they call it “value proposition” or “benefit statements” but that really isn’t true! If it is talking about YOU instead of the prospect/customer it isn’t going to fit into the puzzle they’re trying to solve.

This isn’t an easy habit to break – I find myself falling into it too. Here is one suggestion:

  • take out a blank piece of paper
  • on the left side in a column, write down all the features of your product (if you have more than one, pick the one you talk about most with people to do first)
  • in a second column, write why someone might think that was a good thing
  • in a third column, list all the problems that might solve for your prospect.

need an example?

feature = lifetime warranty

advantage =if it stops working, you get a replacement at no cost

problem solved (think of increasing and/or decreasing) = decreasing repair costs, increasing available money for other purchases

advanced advantage = putting a lifetime warranty onto a product means the company doesn’t think they will ever need to replace it.

advanced problem solved = reduce potential issues caused by product failure

Not an easy thing to do I know, keep it up and then start talking about problems solved, if they are interested THEN talk about how you do it!


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