Take the responsibility: work toward YOUR success

It is the end of March – 1/4 of 2010 is wrapping up – 3/4 to go.

there is more ahead than behind

 the perfect time to make sure you’re on


If you have been playing our success “take the…” challenge this week – you are already thinking about OR have finished creating your current: personal success definition (if not check out Monday’s post then come back, this will make much more sense)

Now is a great time to look at the year and grade your forward momentum. What have you accomplished this year that is moving you toward your personal success definition?

STOP: if you are like most people, as you begin to think of the positive things…. you come up with 2 or 3 things you “should have done” or “didn’t do”. Don’t worry about those things now. This is celebration time – you have 3/4 of the year left to work on all the undone stuff!

Now that you have taken the time to celebrate – you did right? A huge “yeah me” (oh wait… that may be tomorrow’s post).

3/4 Left… What To Do

What a great time to determine what you want to do – for activity – over the next 9 months. For goodness sake if that is enough time to make a baby, it is certainly enough time to work toward YOUR  success.

step 1 – identify a couple big destination points on your way to success?

  • if we were planning a trip from NYC to LA, perhaps crossing the Mississippi River and then the Rockies

 step 2 – what smaller way points will you get from where you are now to success?

  • NYC to the Mississippi River driving; if we are pushing it – Columbus OH then onto St Louis MO. Or perhaps we are going to do the meandering roadside oddities trip and break this leg into a week or two stopping as the mood takes us. 

 step 3 – what are the most important things to keep in mind for this next part of our success journey?

  • the trip will be much different if: we have a new puppy along for the ride, it is a bunch of friends on an adventure, or to move our family across the country permanently. 

action item: what can you do TODAY, make it little… make it easy… make it fun… then you will want to do something again TOMORROW. So choose action items that help you make it less difficult to create change in your own world.

Goethe is right “Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put one’s thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world.”

Know that YOU can make a difference and YOU can create your own success. It is all a matter of taking little actions daily to get there.



Take the initiative: use your definition for perspective

Today’s Idea is forward thinking, not looking in the rear view mirror of life. Do not begin to judge yourself and your past by your NEW, IMPROVED Success Definition, instead use it as you move forward with your actions and intentions.

Every day people in your life and images you see will try and project THEIR definition onto you.

  • parents, children, spouse
  • boss, coworkers, colleagues
  • the media, tv, movies, articles
  • gurus, books, the experts

Many are well meaning (the rest we aren’t talking about today anyway!) they want is what is “best for you”, but how do they know what that is? Well from their success definition of course.

Don’t take it on, don’t take it in, turn it around and view your success – from YOUR definition (crazy I know). Assume they have your best interest at heart – share your definition with them, help them – help you achieve your success.

Are You Questioning Yourself?

When you are looking at your own life, deciding what to do next – most of us have a little voice inside our heads that questions what we are “thinking of doing”.

Now you have a way to answer that little voice – “this insert action item here will move me toward success by….”

Use the definition you created through; reflection, though, effort, and action. Keep it in front of you, review it often.

Measure yourself by your own SUCCESS DEFINITION 

Take the time: make up your own definition

Sounds great doesn’t it “I have the ability to make up my own definition of success!

Then comes the how do I do that? doubt.  Since your success definition is your own, no one else can tell you what it is or how to create it. The following are resources you can use, discard, or never even consider.

I live by the Chinese Buffet Theory of life, the best thing is that there are lots of choices:

  • some you know you like and take a big helping
  • others you know you don’t like and pass them by
  • different options you have never tried, so take a small portion
  • somethings never make it to the taste test at all

One of my coaches, Anne Trauben of Whole Health, used a list that helped me out when I was working to create change in my own life & career, so I’ll share it with you:

  1. my strengths are…
    personally I love the books and assessment tool StrengthsFinder to help figure this out, because it takes into consideration NOT only what we are good at, but what we are drawn to doing.
  2. my values are…
    some of you may have played this game before. It is a tool that drives you toward a choice of your 5 top values PLUS writing your own definition which I personally love (because how I define Wisdom and what you think of it as may not be the same).
  3. my positive beliefs are…
    start each statement with “I believe that….” and insert something about yourself that deep down you believe about yourself. NOTE: it says “positive”, so throw away that negative self talk it has too much power over you already.
  4. my motivators are…
    these are the reasons for the change you are looking for. What is going to drive you to continue doing the work to reach your definition?

I know, I know – but Lynn this stuff doesn’t even start to define what success is for me. What it will do is help you create that definition.

Depending on how you learn, hopefully one of the following ideas will resonate (yup I’m auditory) with you:

Visual (seeing and reading) – How does success look to you? Imagine you are sitting at a cafe having a drink, what’s your view of the world from success? What do you notice about yourself and the world around you? What vision drives you?

Auditory (listening and speaking) – How do you articulate what success is when someone asks you to remark on it? What five things would you say about your life and career? What events would proclaim your success?

Kinetics (touching and doing) – How do you feel when you’re successful? What solid, concrete beliefs do you have about yourself? What are you doing with your success?

Now take the time to write it all out, or record it, or make a collage that defines it. It would be a shame to reach success and miss it because you hadn’t decided what it was for yourself!

Have you defined what success is?

A Chip Off The Block’s Issue 12: The Ides Have It Edition is all about defining your own success.

Last year we were asking “Is this going to make me more successful?” In 2010 we’re asking “What result are you’re looking for?: which actually should have been our first question….ah well.

Check out the newsletter for:

  • Take the time: make up your own definition
  • Take the initiative: use the perspective of your own definition
  • Take the responsibility: work toward YOUR success
  • Take the controls: look inward to measure success

We will be breaking each idea down even more over the next week or two!

The Anthithesis of Ideal Customers

For the past month, I’ve been talking about ideal customers – specifically defining what they look like, sound like AND how to identify them quickly.

This morning when I woke up, I realized that AS IMPORTANT is identifying and getting rid of those customers who are the antithesis of ideal!

Some are easy: you know – lots of work, little payoff. As salespeople we can identify them and typically only put up with the behavior (wasting OUR  time, energy, & effort) for a short period. Then we figure it out, drop them like a hot potato and move on.

The customers I believe are the  antithesis of ideal:

  • have H U G E potential (what ever that looks like in your business)
  • do just enough business to  keep you interested
  • dangle business opportunities
  • ask great questions that WE perceive as interest in us, our products, our value
  • even worse, is when you like them as a person or they’re fun to talk with

then they…..

  • bid the project out using the specifications YOU developed
  • blame not buying from you on “them”
  •  drop off the face of the earth after you give them the final proposal

and just like any bad relationship…..

  • apologize later
  • tell you it was really, really close
  • “I” wanted to use you
  • give you about details about their next project

PLUS give you a pity order (you know the little order to make you feel better)…..

Then there we are again at the top of the cycle.

Today – look for these leaches of time, drainers of energy, wasters of knowledge THEN right now kick them out of your account base.

I’m not one to tell them what I’m doing – I just stop calling, take my name out of contention; if they call back some day (most don’t – they are wasting my competition’s time now) politely decline.

Don’t wait think of all the time you will free up to spend with your ideal customers! Oh the fun you will have, the money you can make.

Is your “to do list” in the way?

Hello, my name is Lynn and I’m a list maker….. hello Lynn

Alright, with that out of the way I can now confess that not only do I have ONE to do list, I have many – lists for myself, my home, groceries, individual customers, overall sales stuff, that I need to write a newsletter… and so on and so on.

I’ll even share that at the end of each day, I do measure myself against what is ta-done ( like ta-da, but different).

I am in no way telling you to get rid of your to do list (the thought makes me personally sick to my stomach) RATHER – don’t add things to the list without thought PLUS don’t do things on the list without it either – just in case something slipped on there while you weren’t looking ~ or thinking.

Need a hand with that thought part? The “how?” is so we don’t cheat ourselves.

will doing this “to do”

  • move me forward with an ideal prospect?
  • help me grow my relationship with an existing ideal customer?
  • advance my skills?

Of course your questions might be different but you get the idea.

My belief is their are only 2 things salespeople can control

how they spend their time and their attitude. 

Stop with the crazy to do lists that only get bigger and bigger – take back control of your time by making good decisions of how you spend it!