Is your “to do list” in the way?

Hello, my name is Lynn and I’m a list maker….. hello Lynn

Alright, with that out of the way I can now confess that not only do I have ONE to do list, I have many – lists for myself, my home, groceries, individual customers, overall sales stuff, that I need to write a newsletter… and so on and so on.

I’ll even share that at the end of each day, I do measure myself against what is ta-done ( like ta-da, but different).

I am in no way telling you to get rid of your to do list (the thought makes me personally sick to my stomach) RATHER – don’t add things to the list without thought PLUS don’t do things on the list without it either – just in case something slipped on there while you weren’t looking ~ or thinking.

Need a hand with that thought part? The “how?” is so we don’t cheat ourselves.

will doing this “to do”

  • move me forward with an ideal prospect?
  • help me grow my relationship with an existing ideal customer?
  • advance my skills?

Of course your questions might be different but you get the idea.

My belief is their are only 2 things salespeople can control

how they spend their time and their attitude. 

Stop with the crazy to do lists that only get bigger and bigger – take back control of your time by making good decisions of how you spend it!

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