Take the initiative: use your definition for perspective

Today’s Idea is forward thinking, not looking in the rear view mirror of life. Do not begin to judge yourself and your past by your NEW, IMPROVED Success Definition, instead use it as you move forward with your actions and intentions.

Every day people in your life and images you see will try and project THEIR definition onto you.

  • parents, children, spouse
  • boss, coworkers, colleagues
  • the media, tv, movies, articles
  • gurus, books, the experts

Many are well meaning (the rest we aren’t talking about today anyway!) they want is what is “best for you”, but how do they know what that is? Well from their success definition of course.

Don’t take it on, don’t take it in, turn it around and view your success – from YOUR definition (crazy I know). Assume they have your best interest at heart – share your definition with them, help them – help you achieve your success.

Are You Questioning Yourself?

When you are looking at your own life, deciding what to do next – most of us have a little voice inside our heads that questions what we are “thinking of doing”.

Now you have a way to answer that little voice – “this insert action item here will move me toward success by….”

Use the definition you created through; reflection, though, effort, and action. Keep it in front of you, review it often.

Measure yourself by your own SUCCESS DEFINITION 

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