Do you have a Plan B?

James Yorke had it right “The most successful people are those who are good at plan B”.

On our way along the success path:

  • we will find forks in the trail
  • blow downs obstructing our way
  • broken boot laces
  • twisted ankles

Some salespeople will be stopped in their tracks by these set backs. Even the ones we face every day, over & over again (like voicemail or objections). If you have already worked out Plan B before the third time the same challenge comes up, you will have:

  • a map showing you the correct fork to take
  • a saw to remove the debris
  • an spare set of laces (and maybe dry socks & rain gear too)
  • built up your muscles and balance to be steady on your feet

A few great TeleSales Plan B examples are:

  1. creative 35 word or less voicemail messages that talk to INCREASING or decreasing something in the prospects business. ppppst – if you’re lazy like me, they will be a great opening statement if a human actually answers the phone (perhaps that is plan C?)
  2. have a target list for days when your scheduled activities are boring you (product based, industry based, “specials”)
  3. list your “top target” people that are your toughest conversations to call on days you’re ON top of your game
  4. know when you’re at your best (early, mid-day, late afternoon) and always schedule that time to call customers

How about your career, have you created a Career Plan B for yourself?

  1. is your resume up to date
  2. have you added your most recent accomplishments to your portfolio
  3. if you lost your job tomorrow, who are your first 10 calls after your “over it”?
  4. what other steps can you take to move you along your journey?

Don’t leave your success fate in the hands of other people – control your own world by having Plan B.

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