“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”

Sir Edmond Hillary is the author of that quote. Many people don’t realize Hillary tried to pull out of the expedition but was convinced to stay. He also discussed fear in a November 1996 interview when asked about being scared part of his response was “but this is all part of the challenge.”I’m not about to say that sales and climbing Mt. Everest are the same thing. I will say that both involve conquering ourselves.

  • Self-doubt that makes us try and pull out of the expedition
  • The fear we have (what ever it may be of)
  • Even the lethargy that overcomes and we want to do nothing
  • Perhaps the first sunny, warm day of spring when we just want to play

No matter what “inside stuff” you need to conquer – when you are faced with obstacles in your career, with a customer, about a deal – don’t look at the situation, instead investigate how YOU are looking at it. The situation is just the mountain.

(Mount Everest from Kalapatthar. Cropped and scaled down from Image:Everest kalapatthar.jpg. photo: Pavel Novak)

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