How Strongly Do You Believe?

Should is a dirty word in our off-kilter telesales world.

 When people say should it typically is a concept, idea, task, or objective that someone else has set for them – AND they don’t 100% buy into.

With 8 months left in 2010 now is the perfect time to evaluate the should in your life to decide once and for all to:

  1. get 100% behind it
  2. ditch it completely and let go of any guilt about letting go
  3. modify it and make it your own

Get 100% behind it – because someone else suggested something, doesn’t mean it is a bad direction to take! It does mean that you need to decide you are going to put all the energy – effort – work, into getting there.

Ditch It – sometimes other people’s expectations drive us and we work hard to achieve something…. only to find out we don’t want to be where the pilgrimage took us. Instead, ditch any expectations that aren’t going to make YOU into your own success definition.

Make it your own – at we talk a lot about goals and making sure that you create success definitions that work for you (not someone else in your life’s idea of what success looks like)

Before you move on in your sales career journey, ask yourself how strongly do you believe in your goals and success definition?

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