When Is It Time To Renegotiate With Yourself?

As we are on our sales career pilgrimage, there are times when it feels like we are S T U C K.

It isn’t that we are slipping backward – rather that we can’t make any headway.

Reason #1 – We have reached a place where we are missing a skill set needed to move forward.

Take a class, research online, ask for help, read a book.

Reason #2 – Part way into our journey, something has changed in our life/situation/goals; we find ourselves disinterested in the pilgrimage.

Ask Questions

what changed since I started?

did I make a wrong turn?

is this the wrong path?

am I just bored?

Then figure out the resolution based on your answers!

Reason #3 – We’ve gotten to a place we are comfortable, happy, and are making money.

Stay A While

As this is your journey, there is nothing saying you can’t stay where you are.

If you like it there – do everything in your power to continue to grow and enjoy!


This is your pilgrimage –  if you decide that you’re happy where you are…no longer want to pursue a particular path… really want to put your effort and energy into something else – do it!

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