LOVE what you do!

I can’t stress enough that the only thing adults do more than work is sleep – so if you can’t have fun at work, where can you have fun?

As you look at your job, work, career there will always be tasks and things we’re responsible for that we don’t want to do. I’m NOT saying to stop doing those things. Instead:

  • stop complaining about them; when you are doing the stuff you don’t enjoy, consider that activity what they are paying you for!
  • minimize the time it takes; if we didn’t drag our feet on the stuff we don’t want to do, it would probably take 1/2 the time to complete.
  • maximize the time we spend on the parts we LOVE to do; make sure you give yourself enough time each day to do the parts of the job you enjoy.
  • desert first? know what motivates you: doing what you love 1st and having the enthusiasm carry  you through OR the anticipation of fun later driving you to finish.

Now that we’re over the stuff we don’t like. Lets look at our overall attitude about what we do.

One of my customers always says “I’m invincible” when you ask him how he is doing.

One day, I asked him why – his response surprised me “if I begin the day invincible – even on my worst days I’m still good by the time I go home”

That reminds me of how much of life is attitude. So even if you’re not in your dream job, what would it take to love what you do?

Of course,  my “last resort” option is – if you don’t love what you do; start planning a profitable departure!

  • list your successes (or ask someone to help you if you can’t think of any) to prove to yourself that you’re valuable
  • research the latest format/formula and update your resume
  • start figuring out what you are passionate about
  • find a way to be paid to do that

Need help? Check out Jonathan Fields book Career Renegade it doesn’t put in the effort for you, but might just give you the structure to help you figure it out.

LOVE what you do already?

It will still help you to find the things you love & do them more often! Keep your passion and your purpose in the front of your mind.

Enjoy every day at work and it will stop feeling like a 4-letter word.


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