Sales is a Scavenger Hunt

According to Wikipedia a scavenger hunt is a game in which the organizers prepare a list defining specific items, using which the participants seek to gather all items on the list.

Sales is a Scavenger Hunt

The List

Can you see how each company you’re prospecting, every opportunity you find, as well as sales in general is a little like that?

For you to win in the sales scavenger hunt, you need to find all the items it will take to earn your prospects business:

  1. prioritizing the scarcity
  2. with more creativity
  3. without skipping any
  4. before your competition

Prioritize; make sure you understand what parts of your prospecting list are the most difficult to obtain. Then go after them immediately. Some customers and sales are won because you have a solution no one else can supply.

Creativity; remember that there is never one solution to each point on the list, an apple could be the fruit or a trip to New York city. Use your creativity to mold what you have to meet the requirements (important safety tip: this doesn’t mean lie, rather to use what you truly have).

Keep Searching; sales can be lost if you’re missing something on the prospect’s list. Ask more questions to make sure you have a complete picture of what they are looking for. That will allow you to come back with everything checked off – it is hard to say no when the solution is complete.

Timing; There are two ways to view timing – be the first and be the last. What does that mean? Be the first to prove you’ve satisfied everything on the prospects list AND be the last salesperson standing when it comes time for the prospect to order (either in support or delivery).

It’s A Game; most of all, don’t forget this month’s theme! As you are working your way through a scavenger hunt – the most important thing is to have fun & keep your sense of humor.

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