Are Your Prospects Playing Hide n’ Go Seek?

Kids love to play hide n’ go seek. Have you ever noticed, that hiding is the fun part for most kids?

Being “it” meant being the person who had to go seeking for everyone else that got to hide. Plus if you were the worst at hiding in a round, you had to be “it” in the next.

Sometimes prospects are hiding, it is our responsibility to run around finding them.

Favorite Spot: thinking back how many times did you go to YOUR favorite hiding spot 1st when you were “it”? I know I did it myself. It’s crazy to think that our customers are hiding in places a salesperson would go first… that isn’t really hiding is it?

So stop going where you would be comfortable and start looking where THEY would be happy hiding.

Remember to Look Up: my younger brother taught me to look UP when I was it. He always climbed, outside it was up in a pine tree and inside you would usually find him on the top shelf of a closet.

The key here is that most salespeople look in the same place for prospects over & over again. Where else could they be hiding? What groups can you check out and participate in to locate them? To be successful at prospecting hide n’ go seek you’ll have less competition if you remember to look up.

Are they REALLY playing Hide n’ Go Seek? In my neighborhood we played a variation of Hide n’ Go Seek called RUN.

Very clever name (not really) as the variation is that all the people hiding are then tasked with returning to safe after the person who is “it” starts their seeking. This combined the seeking part of Hide n’ Go Seek with the strategy necessary to catch your opponent before they run back to the designated safe spot.

If your prospect is playing a different game than you are, there is no way for you to either understand the rule OR win. So make sure you know what game you’re playing to win.

Did They Go Home? In every game there is a point in time when the person hiding gets bored and goes home. If we don’t find where they are hiding quickly enough, our prospects may leave and we will keep looking for them.

Don’t take too long, or you will find yourself all alone.

I hope you enjoyed our exploration into having fun at work and seeing sales as a game. Look for the next issue of A Chip off the Block on August 5th.


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