The Real Quesiton Is – Do You Care?

The number one question to ask yourself when thinking about working on listening as a skill is:

Do You Care?

No, not about improving your skills. Do you care about what the other person is saying?

The key to listening is a genuine interest in the person you’re interacting with RIGHT NOW. Being present in the moment, discarding everything else that is going on in your environment… and inside your head – with the one goal of paying attention.

In your life, when is the last time someone was 100% focused on you? Keep thinking… you may not be able to remember, which tells you something in itself.

Think of all the prospects you can turn into customers AND all the customers who will keep coming back because you’re listening to them! Listen may be the most powerful tool you have as a salesperson.

It’s powerful, It’s possible, it’s effort, it’s being mindful – always.



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