Anti-Resolutions for 2011

As we go into every new year I see articles, blog posts, and now tweets about “new year’s resolutions”.

I’m here to tell you I am an anti-resolution fanatic!

It isn’t that I don’t like new year’s resolutions I HATE them. Based on my coaching experiences over the past 10+ years, I now believe that:

New Year’s Resolutions = Permission To Fail

Yup, I’m not kidding. I believe that people have now heard all of the statistics about what % of people give up (for goodness sakes the Seattle Times JUST quoted 75% in an article and a post on Hellum says 30% in the first week alone) and then use them as excuses to quit themself.

What I do believe in is well thought out goals – you know the dreams you desire enough to create a plan to achieve for yourself. So while everyone else is making resolutions – I urge you to create a 2011 Plan for yourself.

Wishing You A Profitable New Year,



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