Love what you Do, Do what you Love

Welcome to 2011!

This is going to be a great year. A profitable year. A fun year.

How do I know? Well I know because I’m rededicating my days:

  • to achieving excellence
  • sharing my passion
  • working hard to do more of what I love

Sound crazy? Well join me 😉

I played a little game, it is fun and easy. For one week, instead of focusing on the things that make me roll my eyes – where I screwed up – what  I failed to do; I wrote down all of the things I love about sales…. as they happened!

Yup a list that includes;

  • I love the rush of getting prospects & customers to answer tough questions
  • I love the joy of a strategy working
  • I love the warm feeling of doing a good deed
  • I love being able to change my own perspective
  • I love feeling clever when I figure out a better way to get where I’m going
  • I love making a game out of something boring and create fun
  • and so on
  • and so forth
  • etc

I even checked off when something happened more than once!

Part 2 = working every day to make those fleeting moments happen more frequently! All day long I’m working for the joy, crazy as it sounds – this helps me have better customer conversations AND find more business opportunity.

Maybe that isn’t crazy; after all passion and enthusiasm are contagious – I know I would rather work with someone who is having fun!

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