Issue 21: A Passionate Edition

Work to Ski, Ski to Live

Important Safety Tip: in this edition of A Chip off the Block, when I start to blather on about skiing – please don’t zone out!

Instead; insert whatever activity you are passionate about (doesn’t matter if it is playing darts at your local pub, quilting, birding, or racing cars – all that matters is you get the same feelings I’m talking about when I start going on & on & on & on)

In life there are things that we;

  • Work hard to be good at
  • Look forward to EVERY TIME
  • Smile even thinking about
  • Execute with joyful abandon
  • Leave reluctantly, exhausted
  • Immediately think about “next time”

For me, in the wintertime, that thing is downhill skiing. I’ve actually orchestrated my entire life and business to enable my habit.

Once December arrives, I’m sad every time the temperature rises above freezing, until mid-April.

If I’m honest… with myself and you… the anticipation for skiing actually starts in early November once the fall foliage has dropped off the trees.

Someone somewhere is saying “Who cares – what does this have to do with sales?

I’m glad you asked!




Check out Issue 21: A Passionate Edition for more, plus keep coming back for expanded info!


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