Passion Is Contagious

Sales is about Relationships

Relationships are about Communication

Communication is about Passion

Lynn Skiing at Whiteface Mtn

Ask me about skiing (if you have time) and you will see how contagious passion is!

The first thing that happens is I start to smile while I talk –

Which of course affects my voice tone/pitch/quality/pace –

My body moves as I’m describing what it feels like to ski –

All of the sudden, even if at the beginning you didn’t REALLY want to know anything about skiing and were merely being polite (silly silly person)…

  • You’re smiling
  • You’re laughing
  • You’re leaning forward
  • You watn to hear more

Need I say more? Now we’re in a conversation, to spite your resolve not to be involved.

psst – it works with prospects too!

The How To Section

Most of the time while working with salespeople they will fall into one of two categories:

  1. those who believe with their whole heart it the product/service they are selling.
  2. those who are excited about some aspects of their job, but not in category 1.

Don’t get me wrong – there are also salespeople who don’t believe and aren’t excited…. typically they aren’t coming to me for coaching.

Many category 1 salespeople, have already stopped reading (for the most part). It is easy for them to be passionate – they already believe. If you’re still reading, it is probably because conveying your passion is in question.

Remember my explanation of what happens as I’m talking about skiing? That is where to start.

  1. smile, believe it or not people can hear that over the phone
  2. use your hands, arms, whole body as you’re speaking – pretend the prospect/customer is in the room with you
  3. listen to yourself when talking with friends; what does your tone/pitch/quality/pace sound like? Make sure you exaggerate it just a little  (very, very little) while you’re on the phone

Pass along your passion DON’T keep it to yourself.

People in category 2, Today, check out what you ARE excited about and use that to fuel your enthusiasm. Make a list of the top 3 things you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE about your product/service you’re selling.

Don’t forget to include the things about YOU that set you apart from everyone else in your organization.  At times that piece is more difficult – so ask your coworkers, family, and friends about when they hear your enthusiasm coming through. Now exploit it by following those three steps too!

Need more? We will talk more about Passion Transference later this month.  Next week is about how Passion Pushes Us Forward!

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