Passion Pushes Us Forward

Have you ever had this kind of view of your job or career?

Where everything is a bit fuzzy and unclear?

A day where the path forward is cloudy?

Fuzzy Picture

One of the easiest ways to move forward is to focus on what you are passionate about.

In the beginning of the ski season –

everything seems a little fuzzy.

My legs are typically NOT in tip top shape. Which means after a few thousand feet of vertical drop in a good stance with knees bent and weight forward – my quads are SCREAMING at me.

Yet, with my adrenalin pumping – I get back on the lift, my passion for speed propelling me to continue.

Plus the challenge propels me to take at least one lesson each season – to sharpen my skills and correct my bad habits. 

It is time to think about what in sales you’re passionate about. Is it the:

  • thrill of getting a cold call to talk with you
  • excitement of the deal
  • lure of commission
  • exhilaration of winning
  • delight of hearing you’ve helped

What ever it is for you, focus on the passion… relish the feeling you get… it will push you forward to keep having those experiences.

Don’t get stuck when the path forward is difficult – use your passion to push yourself forward!

Next week is about Passion Transference!

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