Passion Transference

As I sit down to write this post you should know what my day started like:

  • got my husbands 4-wheel drive truck stuck in our driveway
  • dug it out (with help)
  • gave up and made my husband drive our friend back to her car
  • picked up people who had come to visit for the day
  • shoveled my road (private & the plow got stuck)
  • cleared out the driveway
  • re-parked the car & truck

Instead of starting to write at 1:00, it is now 3:30 🙂

Which is actually perfect as today’s topic is passion transference!

Today I’ve taken my passion for where I live and what it allows me to do in my life… and transferred it into a positive attitude about my love affair with the shovel.

Winter Office Window

Passion Transference comes from a crazy talented musician I know Ashley Cox.

We were talking about passion and ended up discussing what to do if you’re just not feeling it.

Which is where the idea of using your enthusiasm for one thing… and transferring the feelings to another thing.

In sales – your desire for a steady paycheck, can give passion to the product set your selling.

Or perhaps a passion for connecting with people can transfer into cold calling – when you look at it as a way to connect with people (because how can you meet them without cold calling)?

Or perhaps taking a passion for skiing…

to talk about sales?


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