STOP Playing The “What if….” Game

How often do you find yourself paralyzed, not taking any action at all, staring at the computer screen…. asking “what if….”?

I know that it happens to me more often than I really want to admit.

  • Times after a call that didn’t go the way we wanted
  • Hearing that  things have changed at a long time customer and business is drying up
  • Loosing a deal, we’re sure is ours

There we sit, asking ourselves all the “what if…..” questions.

  • What if I had only ____________
  • What if I’m not good enough
  • What if I never find another customer like _________
  • What if
  • What if
  • What if

The solution to getting out of “what if” and back into the real world is to take action. It doesn’t have to be huge, it has to be something.

STOP playing inside your own head and get out into the world.

Here are 7 potential actions you could take:

  1. call 10 new prospects
  2. find a cool industry article and email it to your top customers
  3. give yourself 5 min to walk around – move your body
  4. follow up on 3 business opportunities and ask a tough question
  5. follow through with people who bought from you last month
  6. challenge a cube mate or coworker to a one hour contest
  7. call the operator at 5 customer sites and ask for the person who handles _________ instead of your regular contact

See – nothing crazy, but little actions that will build on themselves to get you out of the “what if….” game.

Don’t just sit there – DO SOMETHING!


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